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Prostate Cancer Pony Express 

The Prostate Cancer Pony Express was our bi-annual motorcycle and car rally for prostate cancer awareness.

The mission was bringing attention to the critical importance of annual prostate cancer screening and to raise funds to support our free prostate cancer early detection system, ProstateTracker. We had a blast on these adventures.

The Prostate Cancer Pony Express is now part of our Tour de USA program. Check us out at TourdeUSA.Events.

A huge “Thank You” to all of our Pony Express riders for all you did. Kicking Prostate Cancer’s buttinsky!


Some Prostate Cancer Pony Express history. . .

Our longest Prostate Cancer Pony Express finished its ride on September 9, 2012, at the Capitol building in Washington, DC.  Over six months, 161 relay riders covered more than 25,000 miles while crisscrossing the US four times.

Prostate Cancer Pony Express Rider Number 6, and the PCAP Virginia Ambassador, talks with Channel 7 News in Staunton, Virginia

Their efforts reached over 4 million people with PCAP’s message about the importance of annual prostate cancer testing and early detection.

11 state governors issued new proclamations making September annual prostate cancer awareness month in their state.

How You Can Help Prevent Prostate Cancer …

  1. Get an annual PSA blood test and personally track your test results using our free tracker at
  2. Get all of your friends 35 and older to do the same thing
  3. Meet up with us at the annual Peace Out for Prostate Cancer ride at Arizona Bike Week

Ride Safe!





“The Accidental Survivor”
Prostate Cancer Survivor Class of 2003