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Prostate Cancer Pony Express

The Prostate Cancer Pony Express is our bi-annual motorcycle and car rally for prostate cancer awareness.

Our mission is to use our Pony Express riders to bring attention to the critical importance of annual prostate cancer screening and to raise funds to support our free prostate cancer early detection system, ProstateTracker.

You can play an important role in prostate cancer prevention by participating in the event, sharing the event with your friends, or making a small donation. Just click on the links below to be join the team.

Click the following link for information on the next trans-America ride: 2017 PROSTATE CANCER PONY EXPRESS

The Next Prostate Cancer Pony Express Rolls in 2017

Our longest Prostate Cancer Pony Express finished its ride on September 9, 2012, at the Capitol building in Washington, DC.  Over six months, 161 relay riders covered more than 25,000 miles while criss-crossing the US four times.

Prostate Cancer Pony Express Rider Number 6, and the PCAP Virginia Ambassador, talks with Channel 7 News in Staunton, Virginia

Their efforts reached over 4 million people with PCAP’s message about the importance of annual prostate cancer testing and early detection.

11 state governors issued new proclamations making September annual prostate cancer awareness month in their state.

Two and Four Wheels are OK!

Over the past three years I’ve received lots of requests from guys (and more than a few women!) not fortunate to have a motorcycle asking if they could join in the ride. And the answer is, Of Course! Getting the word out to 100 million men takes a lot of volunteers!

We are in the planning stages for our 2017 trans-America ride, and we need you to be part of it.  You can ride your motorcycle, drive your car, or come even join in with your RV.  It’s all about reducing the prostate cancer death toll and having fun at the same time.

Where to Get Information on the 2017 Prostate Cancer Pony Express Ride Information …

Click the link below to receive 2017 ride information. I hate spam just as much as you do, and we Never, Ever, share our email roster with anyone. Period!

Click this link for to get information on the 2017 ride: 2017 PROSTATE CANCER PONY EXPRESS

How to Become an Official Prostate Cancer Pony Express Rider … 

It’s quick and easy. Just click the following link: I’m ready, Sign Me Up

How You Can Help Prevent Prostate Cancer …

Just like National Public Radio, PCAP is sustained by supporters just like you.  Make a donation now to help us reduce the prostate cancer death toll . . .

Your donation helps keep our free prostate cancer early detection tool available to all men and their families

Ride Safe!





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