Welcome to our King and Queen of the Mountain challenge.  

We currently have three active events, two in California and one in Virginia.

Here’s how they work:

Participation is simple . . .

  1. Choose one of our events
  2. Go to EventBrite and register to do that ride – the cost is a $25 donation for prostate cancer
  3. Go to Strava.com and create a free account if you don’t already have one – Create Strava.com account
  4. Connect to our “Team” on Strava.com – You’ll find us there as “The Blue Canaries”
  5. Ride your course and upload your information to Strava.com – you can ride as many times during the year as you like
  6. Have the fastest time in your USA Cycling age group at the end of the year – December 31st – and win a coveted PCAP polka dot King/Queen of the Mountain jersey
  7. At the end of the year – January 1st of each year, to be exact, we will match the fastest times on the climbs – men and women – and award a KOM/QOM jersey to the winner in each USA Cycling age group – assuming you have registered on Active.com.

That’s it.  “Très facile,” as the French would say.

Your Next Step . . . 

Choose your course and sign up . . .

  1. Reddish Knob, Virginia
  2. Mt. Baldy, California
  3. San Pedro Hill (the antennas), California