Partnership Opportunities
Our programs provide great opportunities for companies to work with us to bring value to their target markets and support a great social program at the same time.  Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with organizations that have a similar social interest.

 We are expanding our social media reach into YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Google+, and other tools. Our goal is to work with our partners to create ongoing high-engagement programs.
ProstateTracker is a great opportunity for physicians groups that would like to provide their patients with a simple tool to track prostate cancer risk.  We have opportunities for advertising on the landing page and on tabs inside of the application itself.

Black Tire Affairs®
Our Black Tire Affair® programs include out motorcycling and bicycling-based programs – everything that rolls on ‘black tires.’

The Prostate Cancer Pony Express
We have an opening for a lead and supporting sponsors for the Prostate Cancer Pony Express.  We have both a national and local rides.

King and Queen of the Mountain Series
We have in place several programs for enthusiast cyclists and we have sponsorship opportunities available for these programs as well.  Thinking of riding or sponsoring something like the Furnace Creek 508?  Work with us and we’ll help you create something truly ‘viral worthy’ and reduce the prostate cancer death toll at the same time.

Interested in Being the Lead Sponsor for a Film Festival?
We’re developing a really interesting program and the door is wide open for partners and sponsors right now.  It will never be any cheaper!

How to Apply to be a Partner or Program Sponsor

Please contact me by email or directly at 310.356.3872.


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Robert Hess
CEO and Founder
Accidental Prostate Cancer Survivor, Class of 2003