Current Sponsors

Program sponsors are the lifeblood of every non-profit and the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project has been fortunate to have several long-standing sponsors that have provided critical support to our programs.  We particularly would like to thank TSG, Inc., for over seven years of continuing support.

TSG initially support our programs by funding the development of the MyBikeInfo iPhone application and by its generous support over the past two years in the development of the world’s first cloud-based prostate cancer early warning tool, ProstateTracker, which is free on the Internet to everyone.

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Beach Business Bank – Now Banc of California
Beach Business Bank was a founding sponsor for the PCAP and continues to be a major sponsor for the Black Tire Affair® Corporate Challenge bicycling events at the ADT Event Center indoor velodrome at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California.

Why Become a Sponsor

The Prostate Cancer Awareness Project has developed a number of awareness programs that are reaching thousands of men and women in the 25+ demographic. Our programs include the annual Prostate Cancer Pony Express – find us on Facebook at Prostate Cancer Pony Express.  In 2012, the Prostate Cancer Pony Express rode across the US four times, covering more than 25,000 miles over six months, visiting state governors’s offices and raising awareness for prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer Sucks and the Prostate Cancer Pony Express is telling the world

If you would like to tap into the millions of motorcycle enthusiasts in the United States – and across the globe – become the presenting sponsor for the 2013 Prostate Cancer Pony Express and put your message in front of our participants and followers every single day for eight months.

57 million Americans rode their bicycle at least once last summer and we are working with event promotors to include the PCAP prostate cancer awareness message in the their events.

The bicycling industry in the US is worth $133 billion! and employes 1.1 million people.  Do you want to reach this market and make a great impact for social good at the same time?

Then work with us and do some really great and fun things.

Digital Films
Are you into reaching your market through social media?  We have a great program under development that will leverage the creativity of the market you probably would like to reach and that will develop into a fabulous annual event.

Have you creative marketing team reach out to us and we’ll share what we have up our sleeve.

Just have ‘your people’ contact ‘our people’ @


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Robert Warren Hess
CEO and Founder
Prostate Cancer Survivor, Class of 2003