Have your husband, father, or significant other track their annual PSA test numbers at http://ProstateTracker.org. It’s easy, free, completely anonymous, and it will reveal any early signs of prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer Isn’t Just a Man’s Disease – It Affects the Entire Family
Prostate cancer kills. It kills almost 30,000 American men every year.

One of the unfortunately myths about prostate cancer is that it is an “old man’s disease.”  But it isn’t. I attended a Prostate Cancer Foundation conference in Washington, DC in September 2012, and found myself sitting next to a young widow with twin boys just 6 months old. Her husband had been diagnosed with prostate cancer two months after she became pregnant.  He passed away before the twins were born.  He was just 40 years old!

How You Can Help
The best current screening tool for the early detection of prostate cancer is the simple PSA blood test, and men need to take the test each year and personally track any change in their PSA value from one year to the next.

But we all know that guys just hate going to the hospital and doing tests, so I’m asking that you ladies lend a helping hand – again.

Once each year, convince your guy to get his PSA blood test and then enter the PSA number into ProstateTracker.  If you can, schedule your mammogram at the same time.  This will put you both and the same schedule and it will be harder for him to wiggle out of the test.

Why Testing Matters
As of 2012, there are 27 different variants of prostate cancer and no one knows the exact cause of the disease. What is known, however, is that prostate cancer is very treatable if it is detected early. That’s why we created the ProstateTracker early warning system.

We need your help getting guys to create their ProstateTracker accounts and watching for any increase.  Can we count on your support?

Women’s Resources
Prostate cancer is a lot to learn and understand, for men and women.  The following resources are aimed specifically at helping women understand the disease and find the support they need.  Please come back and comment on our blog when you find other sites that you find particularly useful.

Women Against Prostate Cancer (WAPC)

Prostate Cancer Support Groups for Wives and Partners

Yananow (You Are Not Alone Now) Resources for Women [This site may load slowly, so just be patient]

A Prostate Cancer Forum for Ladies