First Step for Newly Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

picture of Cancer Journeys Foundation President Robert Warren Hess

Robert Warren Hess
Prostate Cancer Survivor

If you have just received a prostate cancer diagnosis, you probably are searching for all of the information you can find. And then you need to digest and make sense of it. I know the feeling because that is exactly what I did 13 years ago.

There are dozens and dozens of books available on prostate cancer, but I suggest you begin with¬†Prostate Cancer Breakthroughs 2014: New Tests, New Treatments, Better Options: A Step-by-Step Guide to Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Tests and 12 Medically-Proven Treatments,¬†by Dr. Jay Cohen. Dr. Cohen is, himself, a prostate cancer survivor and in his book he walks you step-by-step through his treatment decision process, explaining everything in layman’s terms as he goes.

There are other books and information sources you will want to read, but I highly suggest you begin with this book. Just click the image below to purchase the book at Amazon.

Once you’ve read the book, feel free to reach out to me through the “Contact” function here on the website.

And remember; stay positive. I am living proof that you most likely have many years of life ahead of you.

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