Do you have a habit of holding on to things until it’s completely gone; even in some cases, you may have had it for years. I’m guilty! I try to get my ‘money’s worth’ with each item I purchase. Unfortunately, did you know that this mindset may be affecting your health. Yes, continuing to use common items like old running shoes, frayed toothbrushes, and old contact lenses’ cases can cause your body harm.

red trash can

A recent post from shares the reasons you should trash these items. For example, according to the article, “When shoes wear down, they lose their cushioning and are less capable of absorbing the impact of your foot landing with each step, so more force is transmitted to muscles, bones, and tendons, putting you at risk for injuries.”

Also, toothbrushes generally become worn out after 2 months of regular use and are less effective at cleaning teeth and fighting off decay. So, it’s time to buy a new one.

It also goes a little deeper to include a few practices such as not get rid of your clutter, keeping leftovers for an extended period of time and overusing smartphones. You can read the complete list here. It’s definitely a good read for men and women.