Cancer in America. Are We Winning or Losing? 5 Simple Things You Can Do To Reduce Your Cancer risk.

by Robert Warren Hess Globally, cancer is on the increase, fueled by our lifestyle choices. The most read article on our blog deals with prostate cancer recurrence. Take a minute and review this important video by clicking on the image at the right. PublicHealth_Cancer In America

I implemented everyone of these five suggestions after my diagnosis and treatment for prostate cancer 12 years ago. My prostate cancer remains in remission, with my annual PSA results consistently in the .02  – .04 band.

I don’t know if these lifestyle changes made the difference, but my prostate cancer has not returned and I feel great. I’m currently training to compete at the World Master’s Track Cycling Champions in Manchester, England in October of this year.

Four Simple Steps to Reduce Your Cancer Risk

If you are concerned about cancer or your cancer returning, I suggest these simple steps …

  • Watch the video
  • Decide which lifestyle changes you can implement
  • Follow this blog for tips on how to make those changes – and make them stick
  • Join me in my second around the world on my bicycle – Around the World by Bicycle

What Your Biggest Obstacle to Changing your Lifestyle?