September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Let’s all “Get 6!”

As an 11-year prostate cancer survivor, I’d like to propose to our group that we give the gift of early detection to the men in our lives.PSA rise in 36 year old man

We all know that early detection is critical. In the case of prostate cancer, three simple tests – PSA, Free PSA, and physical exam – if tracked over time provide early warning.

The PCAP’s new Internet-based PSA tracking tool – ProstateTracker – lets men personally track these annual test values. ProstateTracker visually plots any upward trend and ProstateTracker sends an email reminder when the next annual test is due.

ProstateTracker is free to everyone; it’s easy to use; and it’s anonymous. This ProstateTracker report image at right is from a 36-year volunteer. The report shows a 25% rise in PSA value in just 18 months. This isn’t a prostate cancer diagnosis, but it’s something that should be closely followed and discussed with his doctor.

Let’s each make a commitment to get 6 men to test and track their results using ProstateTracker. One in every six of them will have prostate cancer, and we may just save their life.

Men (or women) can activate a free ProstateTracker on the Internet at

This is our opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ to the men following in our footsteps.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Best, Robert