1967  Ford GT40 Drives Cancer Awareness

by Robert Warren Hess

We Now Own a 1967 Ford GT40 Replica Car!

Getting guys to think about their prostate cancer risk (it’s 1 of every 6 men) is a continuing challenge and we’ve found that the very best way is through one-on-one conversations. But getting those conversations going is challenging. Thanks to a generous donor that task has just become MUCH EASIER!  The Ford GT40 has a very interesting history that you can read about on Wikipedia – Wikipedia history of Ford GT40.

1967 Ford GT40 replica car

Couples Conquering Cancer Founder Robert Warren Hess in our donated 1967 Ford GT40 Replica Car

GT40’s are still being raced in the vintage race series, although we’re not sure if we are going to campaign this car that way.

We plan to modify this car to look look and perform exactly like the Ford GT40’s that beat Ferarri at Le Mans in the 1960s, with one small change to the paint scheme.

The original cars were light blue and orange; the orange was the logo color of Gulf Oil Compan;, a sponsor.

Our GT40 will be a key part of our new Couples Conquering Cancer™ program. So, the new paint scheme will be light blue and pink, and will look something like the picture below, with the exception that the wheels will be light blue or black – or maybe silver. To be determined!

New Paint Scheme

New Paint Scheme

We’ve just received the car and we’ll begin working on it soon. You can follow the program here on this website and on our new Instagram account – https://instagram.com/ccc_fordgt40/.

How To Win the War Against Cancer

The world successfully eradicated small pox from the face of the earth through a worldwide early detection program. We can do the same thing with prostate cancer and breast cancer. But it takes teamwork and people knowing what actions they need to take and how to take them. And this car is going to be a huge help in getting those conversations going.

How Would You Campaign a 1967 Ford GT40 Replica Car?

How would you use this car for prostate cancer and breast cancer awareness? Send us your ideas. If we use your idea, you will get to drive this car – assuming, of course, that you are 18 years or older and have a valid driver license.

So, let’s have those ideas. Send them to GT40 @ ThePCAP.org.

Start your engines!!