The PCAP Around the World Cycling Jersey

I started riding my bicycle again in 2003 after my prostate cancer surgery. My goal was to make cycling part of my personal recovery and my awareness program for other men.

PCAP Founder and President Robert Warren Hess finishes his 24,901.6 mile bicycle ride and earns his Around the World Cycling JerseyBy 2011 I had ridden over 20,000, and decided to create something that would inspire other men, thus was born the PCAP Around the World Cycling Challenge.

The PCAP Around the World cycling jersey for men and women who are up to the challenge of riding the distance around the world at the equator – 24,901.6 miles. I finished my first lap around the world on April 22, 2014 during the Earth Day celebration at the VELO Sports Center in Carson, CA, and I’m now just over 1,700 miles into my second lap around the earth.

Being Part of The Challenge is Easy . . .

All you need to do is to track your mileage. You can use, (check this out and then post a comment!), an Excel sheet (ask us for a template), or a simple paper and pencil log. It’s all on the honor system.

You ride the ride the miles and then send an email to “” and we’ll tell you how to get your jersey.

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