Why we Love Bicycling Here at PCAP

Bicycling is a great sport and it’s also a great recreational activity. You can get on your bicycle and travel the world, literally. Or, you can connect with a few friends or a local cycling club and enjoy hours of being outside and keep in shape.

You also can get your family on their bikes and ride as a family in the local area or perhaps ride together in one of the thousands of group rides all across the US.

We like bicycling because it keeps us healthy and having a healthy body is a key factor in disease prevention, even for prostate cancer.

We also like bicycling because lots of people come together to ride; for example, almost 10,000 people ride the Tour de Palms Springs in California each year, and we’re there with our PCAP prostate cancer awareness materials and jerseys. Go PCAP!

Check Out Our Cycling Programs

The Alpine Loop Gran Fondo
Climb the hills of Virginia and West Virginia with mountain biking pro Jeremiah Bishop.

The Around the World Cycling Challenge
Earn a coveted PCAP Around the World Cycling Challenge jersey for riding 24,901.6 miles. It’s easy; just one pedal stroke at a time.

Our Cycling Athlete Ambassador Program
If you enjoy riding and talking with people, you can become one of our cycling Athlete Ambassadors.

Bicycling Pictures Gallery

I look forward to meeting you on the road. Just look for the polka dot KOM jersey and introduce yourself.





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