Mr. James R. Schnizthofer, President, Schnitzhofer and Associates, Staunton, Virginia. You can reach Jim by email at, or by connecting with him on LinkedIn – just search for James R. Schnitzhofer.

Term of service:  through 12/31/2014

Mr. Kent Leipold is a risk management consultant and provides consulting services in Risk Management, Sarbanes-Oxley, Internal Controls, and Compensation to small, medium, and large companies. He also is an associate at the Join Alliance Group.

Anyone wanting to reach Mr. Leipold can reach him through his LinkedIn account:

Term of service: Through 12/31/2014

Volunteers are Critical
The Prostate Cancer Awareness Project (The PCAP) is deeply grateful for the men and women volunteers who support our awareness programs. One of every six men who activates a free prostate cancer early system at ProstateTracker will have prostate cancer. Early detection has dramatically reduced the annual prostate cancer death toll since the 1990s, but almost 30,000 men still die each year in the United States from prostate cancer.

This men don’t need to die. They just need to know they have prostate cancer while it still is treatable. Be part of our “Just Get 6!” program and get 6 of your colleagues to create a ProstateTracker account. You just might save one of their lives.