One Simple Way to Keep Motivated to Exercise

Cycling is my key cancer prevention exercise. Cycling and walking with my number one best friend, my wife.

For some people, turning the cranks on a bicycle is just really fun; while for others, it’s pure boredom. I fall into the ‘fun’ category but I’m pretty competitive and I like to compete. I don’t, however, like to ride in big groups on the road so I use a tool called to track my mileage and how well I do over routes I ride regularly.

The really fun thing about is that it lets you measure yourself against others in your gender and age group. I’m a numbers guy so I track pretty much everything. The widget below shows my week’s cycling mileage on Strava. This is a pretty busy week for me, so there aren’t many miles.

Strava has free and paid plans. Give it a try, it may just help your motivation like it does mine.