How to Feel Really Inadequate on a Track Bike
by Robert Warren Hess

I finally got back to the velodrome after almost two weeks in Virginia on family business. My 98 year old aunt – and second mom – passed away in her sleep and I was back for the funeral and to help with affairs.

I wasn’t intending this post to be about my Aunt Thelma, but I guess that’s what it’s going to be. She was a wonderful person and always was surrounded by children, although she had none of her own. She was a prankster at heart, and taught us all how to ‘snipe hunt’ when we were children. Our summers were always spent with her and she made them all exciting, interesting, and just plain wonderful. She even managed to teach us all to love vegetables. She was a wonderful lady and we all miss her.

26.95 Miles Behind an 11-year old!Manchester Sitrep 04142015
The image on the right is the heart rate data from my training session tonight. It shows that my heart didn’t think I was working as hard as I thought I was:-)

This particular training session is done in a pace line, with riders riding directly behind each other. For the last 20 minutes of the session I was riding behind a young boy who could not be over 11, and he was riding right along in the pace line at a steady 26 mph. If he stays with the sport, he’ll be great.

So that’s pretty much tonights program, A 15 minute warm up and then two sets of interval training.

If you ride a bike for recreation or fitness, be sure and join the 2015 edition of the National Bike Challenge.


Question of the Day …  Who taught you to ride a bike and what did it feel like the first time you went off on your own?