The Road to Manchester
by Robert Warren Hess

I’m convinced that bicycling is playing a key role in preventing my prostate cancer recurrence. I’ve talked about before in this blog that there is a growing connection between exercise, good eating habits, and cancer of all types. Cycling became a key part of my cancer battle plan 12 years ago when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Since 2003, I’ve ridden more than the distance around the world, and I weight within 6 pounds (150) of my ideal weight.

My trip to Manchester this October is to honor all of the men who have died from prostate cancer and the millions around the world currently living with the disease. The World Master’s Track Champions is part of my personal cancer survivorship journey and my goal is ending prostate cancer through awareness and early detection. Whew! That’s a mouthful.

So, here’s my sitrep (situation report) for this week …

Nate Koch giving start gate training at the Velo Sports Center Los Angeles

Nate Koch on Getting out of the Starting Gate

It was a busy work week and so pretty tough to get much training in. That said, I live just 20 minutes from the world-class indoor velodrome in Carson – the Velo Sports Center in Carson, CA.

If you remember, my event in October is the 500 meter time trial, which is simply covering 500 meters as quickly as you can from a standing start. Once of the keys, of course, is getting out of the gate. The race is won or lost with the start.

Last night we had a great training session with Nate Koch. Nate gave us some great pointers and then we got 8 starts each. This is priceless training! Click the video link at right to hear Nate’s tips.

Below right is my attempt at a good start. I was using a 90.6 gear and I still can’t get over 28mph at the 130 meter mark.  More training Mom!!

Robert Warren Hess practicing with the start gate at Velo Sports Center Los Angeles

Robert Warren Hess tries to get going!

Discussion Question …

Do you bicycle and, if you do, is it part of your personal wellness program?