The 7 Deadly Emotions of Care Giving Robert Warren Hess I’ve now gone through the process of losing four members of my family to cancer. My last experience was with my favorite aunt, who passed away from melanoma after a lengthy period of illness. My aunt lived in the Shenandoah valley of Virginia while I live in Los Angeles. So, the caregiving burden fell to my younger sister. This caregiving period lasted just over 3 years, and it was a highly emotional event for my sister, and we had many telephone conversations over that time. The excellent article below by┬áPaula Spencer Scott talks about the emotions that inevitably come and some suggestions on how to deal with them. These are great insights and I hope they help you as much as they helped my sister and me. The 7 Deadly Emotions of Care Giving by Paula Spencer Scott Nobody would ever choose a smiley face as the perfect symbolic emoticon for a caregiver. Caregiving for an ailing loved one is just too stressful — often triggering damaging emotions that can not only undermine your good work but harm your health, as well. Here’s how to cope: Caregiver Emotion Trap #1: […] read more