How to Get Your Incontinence Under Control
Prostate cancer surgery removes two of the three muscles that control and man’s urine flow, leaving just one muscle to do the work of three.

The Prostate Aerobics app trains men in contracting and releasing their pelvic floor muscles to tone and strengthen them, which helps in controlling urine flow – and can improve sexual function and sensation. ┬áMy doctor started me on kegeling exercises a month after my surgery as a basic part of my recovery program and I’ve been doing them since them – when I remember.

Prostate Aerobics iPhone app for incontinence control and better sexual sensationThe Prostate Aerobics app – available for both iPhone and Android – is a simple and effective tool for remembering to do these important exercises. It has a series of exercise levels that gradually increase muscle strength and control. You can turn the sound prompts on and off with your phone sound controls.

I have Prostate Aerobics set to remind me to do my exercises twice each day.

How to Help Yourself and Pay It Forward at the Same Time
As part of their support for prostate cancer survivors, Prostate Aerobics developers are making a contribution to support our ProstateTracker early detection system with every app purchased through this page.

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