Saying Goodbye to Your Prostate
“You’ve Got Prostate Cancer!”
I’ll never forget the moment I heard those words, nor will any other prostate cancer survivor. “You’ve got prostate cancer” is the beginning of what we all hope will be a long journey through to the end of a normal life.

How you begin your prostate cancer journey can have a huge impact on your emotional state. My reaction at my diagnosis was to dig into all of the available scientific literature on prostate cancer and learn as much as I could. But, I never reached out into my community to see if any of them were prostate cancer survivors – we guys tend to keep these things secret.

So, I wound up with lots of scientific knowledge but no real first-hand experience. I was even reluctant to talk with the prostate cancer survivors my wife found through her network.

Actor and author Jamie MacKenzie has written a superb book that chronicles his experiences and journey through prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment – Saying Good-Bye to Your Prostate: A Decidedly Outside-of-the-Box Journal on How to Beat Prostate Cancer and Laugh While Doing It.

It’s hard to imagine humor in prostate cancer, but Jamie finds it. Reading his book brought back lots of memories from my own prostate cancer treatment over 10 years ago and brought home to me how useful this book would have been for me as I began my treatment.

There are many, many books about prostate cancer that have great information, tell personal prostate cancer stories, and provide great information.

But if you are newly diagnosed with prostate cancer, I recommend that you make Jamie’s story the first step in your journey. Just click the Amazon image below . . .

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