The Dragon Launches the 2013 Prostate Cancer Pony Express
The 2013 Prostate Cancer Pony Express is officially on the way to the Capitol in Washington, DC. We arrive at the Capitol in Washington, DC on Sunday, August 11th, at 1:30 pm. Click the Prostate Cancer Pony Express assembly point in Washington, DC to see where the meet us for our annual portrait.


Robert Hess and “Dave” at breakfast – Day 1

Breakfast with the Dragon
We started off with breakfast at the restaurant – biscuits and gravy because this is the South! Right?


Dave IV – Ready to Roll!

Then it was off to cruise the 318 turns on the Dragon in the rain because the weather front is huge and probably won’t finish until tomorrow.

There was a light rain but virtually no wind. You can see the flag hanging straight down. It was fun riding the Dragon on Tuesday in picture perfect weather, and it was fun riding it today in the rain. It just takes a bit more concentration!

Paying My Respects to Davy Crockett
Davy Crockett’s birthplace is just off of Interstate 81/Highway 11 on the way to Harrisonburg so, rain or no rain, I’m going to stop by and see his birthplace.

Lessons from the Prostate Cancer Pony Express
I always learn something when I ride. Here are my lessons thus far from the 2013 Prostate Cancer Pony Express:

  • Mink oil waterproofing for you boots doesn’t. Maybe I need to apply more!
  • When you see a sign on the Tail of the Dragon that says 20 MPH – believe it!
  • Sometimes it’s better to just sit back and roll through those turns at an easy pace
  • Riding in the rain isn’t so bad. In fact it’s kinda’ fun in an odd sort of way
  • The “MyRadar” app for your iPhone or Android is really useful. It won’t stop the rain, but you can see how long it’s going to last
  • Riding the area around Deal’s Gap is just beautiful. Nature my have a bazillion shades of green and you can see them all along the Dragon
  • There is no cell phone service at the top of the Tail of the Dragon and, according to the very nice ladies at the Tail of the Dragon Motorcycle Resort there probably never will be!:-)
  • More lessons to follow!
  • Defeating prostate cancer happens one man at a time.

Join Us at the Capitol on Sunday, August 11th
Prostate cancer kills as many men as breast cancer kills women. We need more funds for research to beat this disease. Join us in Washington, DC at the Capitol this Sunday at 1:45 pm and join your voice with ours. 30,000 men don’t need to die each year from prostate cancer!

Here’s the Assembly Point for this Sunday, August 11th . . .

PastedGraphic-2013-08-7-09-15.tiffProstate Cancer Pony Express Assembly Point