How a New Vaccine May Stop Cancer and Prevent Recurrence

cancer cells shown embedded in a polymeric cryogen. The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Wyss Institute Develop a New Minimally Invasive Cancer Vaccine The new vaccine uses an injectable sponge-like gel that combines a patient’s own tumors cells with immune-stimulation biomolecules to boost the body’s own anti-cancer immune functions. “In experimental animal models on melanoma tumors, results show that utilizing  the cryogel … triggers a dramatic immune response that can shrink tumors and even prophylactically protect animals from tumor growth.” PCAP Comment This research still is in the animal model stage, but it certainly is worth watching and supporting, especially since there are more than 12 million Americans currently living with cancer. Read the entire press release at the following link – the entire study is available at the journal Nature Communications – Injectable cryogel-based whole-cell cancer vaccines. September is National Prostate Cancer Month … 240,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer by the end of 2015. BUT, Prostate cancer is treatable if found early. If you are over 35, make an appointment right now to have a simple PSA blood and personally track the results at our free prostate cancer early warning service – ProstateCancerTracker. Simply click button below to put your mind at ease … read more

2015 Mt. Baldy Hotter N’ Hell TT KOM and QOM Champions!

PCAP Founder Robert Warren Hess presents KOM jersey at Mt. Baldy time trial 2015 Edition of the Hotter N’ Hell Mt. Baldy Time Trial is in the Record Books Almost 70 riders competed in the 2015 Edition of Brad House’s Hotter N’ Hell time trial to the top of Mt. Baldy, and 13 riders walked away with King and Queen of the Mountain jerseys. Well done everyone!       Congratulations to all of these champions, and also to Lisa Ballantine, the day’s Lanterne Rouge winner, for her dogged determination in conquering Mt. Baldy! Allez! read more

Patrick Dempsey Supports Amgen National Cancer Champions

Patrick Dempsey salutes Amgen Cancer Champions Patrick Dempsey Supports Amgen National Cancer Champions Patrick Dempsey has supported Amgen’s Breakaway from Cancer program since inception a decade ago. Patrick’s mother died of cancer and he created a cancer support center in Maine in her memory.  As busy as he is, he still makes time to support these crucial cancer programs. As a cancer survivor myself, I’m indebted to him for his continuing efforts. Amgen’s Breakaway From Cancer program is a wonderful support program for cancer survivors. I was honored to be selected as one of 10 national champions for 2015 for my work in creating As a long-time amateur bicycle racer, it’s a thrill to have Phil Liggett doing the voice over for this piece. A huge thanks to Amgen, the Breakaway From Cancer team, and to Patrick Dempsey for his 10 years of support to Breakaway From Cancer. Like to cycle? Visit us at and join one of our cycling programs! is a free prostate cancer early warning and detection system. Help us keep it running and saving men’s lives with a donation.   read more

PCAP CEO Selected as National Cancer Champion

Picture of Robert Warren Hess PCAP Founder and CEO Robert Warren Hess was selected as one of ten National Cancer Champions for 2015 by Amgen’s Breakaway From Cancer board. Hess was chosen because of his personal cancer journey and his work in creating ProstateTracker, a free prostate cancer early warning tool. Prostate cancer strikes one in every six men and 90% of cases can be cured IF found early. Hess, himself, is a 12-year prostate cancer survivor. Activate your ProstateTracker account today. It’s the best prostate cancer insurance policy you can get. And it’s FREE! ACTIVATE MY PROSTATE TRACKER ACCOUNT! read more

Road to Manchester – Sitrep 4/19/2019

Manchester | Sitrep 4/19/2015 } Recovery Day – Sunday by Robert Warren Hess Yesterday was my recovery ride from my training at the velodrome. Here are the Stats … 40.2 miles (just over 122 miles for the week) 3,420 feet of vertical clim Strava “Suffer Score” of 98 – I’ve had one over 300 before:-) Points in the Red – 18 People often ask me about the Around the World Cycling Challenge we created at PCAP. [You can read the details on our website at http://bitly.AroundtheWorldCyclingChallenge. We created the challenge because there is compelling research that consistent exercise reduces the risk of getting cancer and it’s recurrence after treatment. It took me 10 years to finish my around the world trip. But that was 10 years of consistent exercise, health benefits, adventure, and just plain fun. So, check out our website and join me on my second lap around the earth. Allez! Question of the Day. What’s your reason? read more

The Road to Manchester – Dispatch 4

How Many Hours and Miles Does it Take to Get Really Fit? by Robert Warren Hess The answer, as you might guess, is “it depends.” Today was my fourth session at the velodrome since I started training in February. I can already see that I’m improving. This series of posts is about my forthcoming trip to the Master’s World Track Cycling Championship in Manchester, England in October. Cycling has been a key part of my anti-cancer battle plan for the past 12 years. I love goals, so competing at Manchester is great motivation to keep me riding. But, more about that later. If you are following these posts, I hope you’re getting excited about getting back on your bicycle – or perhaps getting one for the first time. Last night’s stats … – 39.5 miles – maximum speed 33.88 mph – maximum cadence was just about 120 rpm – the workout intensity was high, but I felt great afterwards Robert’s Track Bike A number of people have asked me about my equipment, so below is a picture of my current track bike. It’s a Fuji Track Pro (vintage 2006) with Zipp 808’s front and rear. I currently have Shimano Dura […] read more

Preventing Prostate Cancer Recurrence – the 2015 Story

Withings wearable technology logo One Guy’s Plan for Preventing Prostate Cancer Recurrence by Robert Warren Hess Will My Prostate Cancer Recur? That is the number one question we get asked here at PCAP and it also is the number one search phrase that brings people to our website, by a factor of 5! I wrote a detailed post about prostate cancer recurrence that you can read at the following link – likelihood of prostate cancer recurrence. Exercise and Diet – The Cancer Survivor’s Tools Research in the past several years shows a clear correlation between diet and exercise and cancer occurrence – and recurrence. As many of you know, I’m now beginning my 12th year as a prostate cancer survivor and I’m very interested in recurrence and what I personally can do to prevent it. I created the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project and developed the early detection system to give men simple tools to detect their prostate cancer early when it is still treatable. I also got on my bicycle and began riding again to get my weight under control and add a solid element of exercise and fitness to my personal prevention program. Over the 10 years following my treatment I rode […] read more

26 Things You Need to Know About Prostate Cancer

prostate location Just Where is The Prostate? by Robert Warren Hess When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer 11 years ago, I had no idea what a prostate was or even where it was located. All I knew was that apparently it could kill me. And when I began talking with my doctor getting my head around everything was a real emotional trip. I just found this slide presentation on WebMD and it’s very good. If you’re a guy and you are reading this post, you likely are a prostate cancer survivor or concerned that you may have prostate cancer. Even if you don’t fit one of those two cases, take 3 minutes are go through these 26 slides. They could save your life or the life of someone you know. When you finish, pop over to and activate your free prostate cancer early detection system. read more

What a 6-Year Old Can Teach Men About Prostate Cancer

Ale Gianna sends a Father's Day Message to her Dad Ale Gianna’s Message to Her Dad on Father’s Day 6-year old Ale Gianna is a remarkable young person. I met her and her father in Phoenix earlier this spring on a  Prostate Cancer Awareness Project mission to participate in a prostate cancer motorcycle ride hosted by Shelley Martin – Scottsdale Harley-Davidson – as part of Arizona Bike Week. Ale’s message is to all Dads everywhere. Thank you Ale, from all of us!   read more

A New Indicator for Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Early Warning Tool for Aggressive Prostate Cancer by Robert Warren Hess If you follow this blog and our website you know that our focus is on the early detection of prostate cancer while it is in the treatable stage. Once a prostate cancer is detected, the next critical step is determining whether or not it is the aggressive type that will metastasize. Key Gene for Prostate Cancer Metastasis Recent research at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute indicates that the SSeCKSIAKAP12 gene is a key inhibitor of prostate cancer metastasis. The research report notes that about one-third of prostate cancers delete this gene and move to the metastatic stage. This still is early research, but the gene’s absence could be a good indicator that a particular prostate cancer will become aggressive. Prostate Cancer Recurrence Every prostate cancer survivor is concerned about cancer recurrence and most of us watch our annual PSA tests like a hawk. Testing for the presence of this gene may be another means of predicting prostate cancer recurrence. Read the Full Article You can find a report summary at the OncologyNurseAdvisor and the full article in the Journal of Cancer Research – Cancer Research (2014; doi:10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-13-1157). Your Next […] read more