The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Wyss Institute Develop a New Minimally Invasive Cancer Vaccine

The new vaccine uses an injectable sponge-like gel that combines a patient’s own tumors cells with immune-stimulation biomolecules to boost the body’s own anti-cancer immune functions.

cancer cells shown embedded in a polymeric cryogen.

Cancerous melanoma cells shown nestled in tin hollow lumens within the polymeric cryogen structure. Credits: Thomas Ferrante, Sidi A. Bencherif / Wyss Institute at Harvard University.

“In experimental animal models on melanoma tumors, results show that utilizing  the cryogel … triggers a dramatic immune response that can shrink tumors and even prophylactically protect animals from tumor growth.”

PCAP Comment
This research still is in the animal model stage, but it certainly is worth watching and supporting, especially since there are more than 12 million Americans currently living with cancer.

Read the entire press release at the following link – the entire study is available at the journal Nature Communications – Injectable cryogel-based whole-cell cancer vaccines.

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