The World’s First Prostate Cancer Awareness Race Team at Laguna Seca – September 11-13

If you are a gear head – or just a car buff – I’m delighted to tell everyone that there is a race team out there competing for prostate cancer awareness. The team competes on the Pirelli World Challenge and you can see the full details at Johan Schwartz Racing.

Johan Schwartz Racing

Johan Schwartz – #JustGet6

Johan is competed this year in Pirelli World Challenge. The finale is September 11-13 at Laguna Seca raceway and will crown the winner of the series.

Johan and his wife Karen have worked hard all year long for prostate cancer awareness and more than 60 cars will be sporting blue ribbons in honor of National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

For those of us who like records, until this year, Johan held the Guiness Book of World Records title for the longest drift in a car. He has plans to take back that record in 2016.

How You Can Support Johan …

Johan is working hard for prostate cancer awareness. Your next step is to get your annual prostate cancer blood test and personally track the results at Just hit the big green button below to activate your free prostate cancer early detection system.

And remember to #JustGet6. ¬†One in every six men will have prostate cancer. If we can get all of us testing, we’ll find those prostate cancers early, when they are still treatable.

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