Racing for Prostate Cancer 2016 – Sitrep 1*

picture of Mazda MX-5 Racing for Prostate Cancer 2016 – Year 2 by Robert Warren Hess Johan Schwartz raced last year on the Pirelli World Tour for prostate cancer awareness and the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project is pleased to support Johan and his team for 2016. Johan will be racing a Honda Civic on TCA class at Circuit of the Americas on March 4th. You can watch the race live at Win your own race against prostate cancer by having a simple PSA blood test every year beginning at age 35 and recording and tracking the results at Mazda Motor Sports Steps Up to Help Stop Cancer! Surviving cancer means finding it early and doing everything within in your personal control to prevent the cancer from spreading or recurring. The key factors in beating cancer are early detection and knowledge, and that’s where our race program comes in. At right is the picture of the Mazda MX-5 that PCAP Founder Robert Warren Hess has donated for our SCCA cancer prevention racing program.  The car will receive a cancer prevention wrap and will compete on the local SCCA circuit in California, road rallies, and this summer at Solo Pro Nationals in Lincoln, Nebraska. You […] read more

PCAP CEO Selected as National Cancer Champion

Picture of Robert Warren Hess PCAP Founder and CEO Robert Warren Hess was selected as one of ten National Cancer Champions for 2015 by Amgen’s Breakaway From Cancer board. Hess was chosen because of his personal cancer journey and his work in creating ProstateTracker, a free prostate cancer early warning tool. Prostate cancer strikes one in every six men and 90% of cases can be cured IF found early. Hess, himself, is a 12-year prostate cancer survivor. Activate your ProstateTracker account today. It’s the best prostate cancer insurance policy you can get. And it’s FREE! ACTIVATE MY PROSTATE TRACKER ACCOUNT! read more

It’s Minority Health Month: Men Get Tested for Prostate Cancer

National Minority Health Month April is National Minority Health Month presented by the Office of Minority Health.  This year they celebrate 30 Years of Advancing Health Equity. This office addresses disease prevention, health promotion, risk reduction, healthier lifestyle choices, use of health care services and barriers to health care for racial and ethnic minorities. This month we would like to bring more awareness to African American men and prostate cancer.  1 out of 6 American men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year.  For African American men, it is 1 in every 4. More than 230,000 men are diagnosed with this disease and more than 29,000 will die as a result. Prostate cancer is the second most prevalent form of cancer after melanoma. African American men are more likely to develop prostate cancer than Caucasian men. They are also almost 2.5 times as likely to die from this cancer. Scientists cannot explain why prostate cancer occurrence and death rates are higher among African American men. Although, it is widely believed that a combination of genetic differences, lifestyle and nutrition habits, and medical care are factors. Below are some ways to help decrease your chance of getting prostate cancer. Exercise Maintain a healthy diet Know […] read more

East Side Riders Support Prostate Cancer Awareness in East Los Angeles

Picture of East Side Riders in Los Angeles 300 Young People Ride 16 Miles on Cruiser Bikes Over 300 young people and their mentors rode 16 miles on Saturday, October 19th, past famous landmarks in the Watts section of east Los Angeles, including the famous Watts towers, raising awareness for cancer. The Prostate Cancer Awareness Project was pleased to be able to donate more than 50 cycling jerseys to the East Side Bicycle Rider club, founded and managed by John Jones. The ride’s goal was to raise awareness of cancer.  According to the American Cancer Society, more than one third of all cancers stem from poor nutrition and lack of exercise. The rides promoted by the East Side Bicycle Riders helps with the exercise and integrates with the community garden program developed by Tim Watkins, leader of the Watts Labor Action Committee. Take a moment and visit the Facebook page of the East Side Bicycle Riders and see what they are up to. A huge thanks to our board member, Scott Peterson, EVP and Chief Credit Officer of the National Bank of California, for representing The PCAP at Saturday’s ride. Beating Prostate Cancer Prostate cancer strikes one in every six men, but it’s treatable if detected early. If […] read more

Prostate Cancer Research Institute 2013 Annual Conference

2013 Prostate Cancer Research Institute Annual Conference There is no better place to gain information about prostate cancer than the Prostate Cancer Research Institute’s annual conference in Los Angeles. This year’s conference is September 6-8, 2013, at the Marriott Hotel right next to Los Angeles Airport. I mean you want walk from the terminals to the hotel in 15 minutes. And, you’re close to Santa Monica and the other beach cities. I attend this conference every year, and every year I learn more. If you’re a prostate cancer survivor, you should attend this conference. If you do, please let me know – – so we can link up. read more

Prostate Cancer Awareness – A Missed Opportunity

Why do so Many of Us Think About Prostate Cancer Like Joe? by Robert Warren Hess When it comes to prostate cancer, we men are our own worst enemy. We just can’t seem to come to grips with the risk and the testing. I hope the story I’m about to tell will prevent you from becoming a “Joe” and, even better, ensure you don’t become one of the 30,000 American men who die each year from prostate cancer. The story begins about 11:30 am, on Sunday June 2, 2013, as I’m about halfway through my weekend bicycle ride from Manhattan Beach, over the Palos Verdes Peninsula, and up to the antenna farm where the old Nike site was located on top of San Pedro Hill. As usual, I was riding Fast Freddy, my Blinged-out Italian steel bike made by the Renzo Formigli workshop in Florence, Italy. If you’re not a cyclist, Freddy looks pretty normal. But if you are a cyclist, there’s a lot to attract your attention. Here’s what gets the conversation going: lugged steel frame; gold lugs – I think it’s real; deep rim Zipp wheels, and Shimano Ultegra electric shifting. Guys make a comment about Freddy and […] read more

Pony Express Riders in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Carrying the Prostate Cancer Awareness Message Prostate Cancer Pony Express riders Randy Moeller and Master Sergeant Gerald Krause visited the Wyoming state house last June during the 2011 Prostate Cancer Pony Express. Cheyenne station KGAB, AM 650, reported on the event for the folks in Cheyenne. Listen to the radio interview here. RADIO INTERVIEW. The 2013 Prostate Cancer Pony Express will assemble in Staunton, Virginia August 9 and 10, and ride to the Capitol in Washington, DC on Monday, August 11th. read more