2013 Prostate Cancer Pony Express Rides the Tail of the Dragon

The Dragon Launches the 2013 Prostate Cancer Pony Express The 2013 Prostate Cancer Pony Express is officially on the way to the Capitol in Washington, DC. We arrive at the Capitol in Washington, DC on Sunday, August 11th, at 1:30 pm. Click the Prostate Cancer Pony Express assembly point in Washington, DC to see where the meet us for our annual portrait. Breakfast with the Dragon We started off with breakfast at the restaurant – biscuits and gravy because this is the South! Right? Then it was off to cruise the 318 turns on the Dragon in the rain because the weather front is huge and probably won’t finish until tomorrow. There was a light rain but virtually no wind. You can see the flag hanging straight down. It was fun riding the Dragon on Tuesday in picture perfect weather, and it was fun riding it today in the rain. It just takes a bit more concentration! Paying My Respects to Davy Crockett Davy Crockett’s birthplace is just off of Interstate 81/Highway 11 on the way to Harrisonburg so, rain or no rain, I’m going to stop by and see his birthplace. Lessons from the Prostate Cancer Pony Express I […] read more

Pony Express Riders in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Carrying the Prostate Cancer Awareness Message Prostate Cancer Pony Express riders Randy Moeller and Master Sergeant Gerald Krause visited the Wyoming state house last June during the 2011 Prostate Cancer Pony Express. Cheyenne station KGAB, AM 650, reported on the event for the folks in Cheyenne. Listen to the radio interview here. RADIO INTERVIEW. The 2013 Prostate Cancer Pony Express will assemble in Staunton, Virginia August 9 and 10, and ride to the Capitol in Washington, DC on Monday, August 11th. read more

Guys don’t Let Guys Get Prostate Cancer

Today is the first Tuesday in September, which is Prostate Cancer Awareness Project’s monthly Prostate Cancer Awareness Day. But, September is also national Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Guys, this month you need to do three things: 1 – Create your free, anonymous PSA tracking account at www.ProstateTracker.org 2 – Get at least one of your buds to do the same 3 – Meet us at the White House fence by Lafayette Park @ 12:15 pm on Sunday, September 9th, to celebrate the end of the 171-day, 25,000 mile, Prostate Cancer Pony Express ride. read more

How a motorcycle ride can find prostate cancer

The Prostate Cancer Pony Express is criss-crossing the US this year raising awareness for prostate cancer. A wonderful group of relay riders are carrying our dispatch bag with our memorial journal from state capitol-to-state capitol, connecting with men and urging state governments to join with us in prostate cancer awareness. One of our early events took place in Hammond, Louisiana, at Hammond Harley-Davidson. You can see the pictures on our Facebook PAGE HERE. That event may just have saved three men’s lives “Also FYI, we did a prostate screening at the dealership the morning that Dick was with us, we performed @ 20 PSA tests and from that number there was 3 abnormal results presented with two of those being scheduled for surgery, all three where asymptomatic surprised with the lab results and are now eternally grateful for possibly having saved their lives. This all, because of you, your organization and the efforts to inform the masses.” Why men need to screen for prostate cancer – Prostate cancer generally doesn’t have symptoms until it is at an advanced stage – Early detection is critical How to know if your prostate cancer risk is rising – Create a free account at ProstateTracker.org – Enter […] read more

State Proclamations

PCAP State Proclamations for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month Beginning on March 17, 2012, over 160 Prostate Cancer Pony Express relay riders rode over 25,000 miles, crossing the US four times and ending in Washington, DC on September 9, 2011, to raise awareness for prostate cancer. Our riders visited the state capitols of 49 of our 50 states, asking these governors to officially name September as prostate cancer awareness month and to support our prostate cancer awareness efforts. We received official proclamations from 10 states, the City of Philadelphia, and a commendation from Representative Janice Hahn, the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project’s Congressional representative.  We owe a great debt of gratitude to the following: Representative Janice Hahn, 36th District, California   Arizona – Governor Janice Kay Brewer   Florida – Governor Rick Scott Illinois – Governor Pat Quinn Indiana – Governor Mitch Daniels Missouri – Governor Jay Nixon   Nebraska – Governor Dave Heineman North Carolina – Governor Bev Perdue Wisconsin – Governor Scott Walker   Virginia – Governor Robert F. McDonnell  City of Philadelphia – Mayor Michael A. Nutter   Thank You! We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to these dedicated public servants.  Prostate cancer is the number one male cancer and kills 30,000 men year, but […] read more