Racing for Prostate Cancer 2016 – Year 2

by Robert Warren Hess

Johan Schwartz raced last year on the Pirelli World Tour for prostate cancer awarenesspicture of Johan Schwartz race car and the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project is pleased to support Johan and his team for 2016.

Johan will be racing a Honda Civic on TCA class at Circuit of the Americas on March 4th. You can watch the race live at

Win your own race against prostate cancer by having a simple PSA blood test every year beginning at age 35 and recording and tracking the results at

Mazda Motor Sports Steps Up to Help Stop Cancer!

Surviving cancer means finding it early and doing everything within in your personal control to prevent the cancer from spreading or recurring. The key factors in beating cancer are early detection and knowledge, and that’s where our race program comes in.

picture of Mazda MX-5

At right is the picture of the Mazda MX-5 that PCAP Founder Robert Warren Hess has donated for our SCCA cancer prevention racing program.  The car will receive a cancer prevention wrap and will compete on the local SCCA circuit in California, road rallies, and this summer at Solo Pro Nationals in Lincoln, Nebraska.

You Can Drive This Mazda MX-5 Race Car!

Yes, you really can. All you need to have to participate in SCCA autocross events is a valid driver license, a Snell-approved helmet, and a car to have fun it. If you have the license, we have everything else you need.

The program’s goal is to race money to support our cancer programs, including our unique prostate cancer early detection system, ProstateTracker. We’re still working on the details, but its going to be easy . . .

  1. Join our mailing list below
  2. Make a donation to support cancer survivors
  3. Show up at the track on track day and drive

Could it be any easier?

Thank You Mazda Motors Sports!

The Mazda MX-5 Miata is the most raced car on the face of the planet because of it’s almost perfect handling.  Our car is a stock 2010 MX-5 that is  pure fun to drive. I’ve driven it in autocross events in its stock form and it handled really well. But, the great folks Mazda Motor Sports have adopted the prostate cancer cause and are going to help us out with some new shocks and tires that will make the car handle much, much better.

If you’ve never driven a Mazda MX-5, I suggest you pop over to your local Mazda dealership (or your local CarMax) and take on for a spin. I guarantee you’ll be in love by the end of the ride.

As some of may know, I’m a former Army helicopter pilot and bicycle racer but auto motors sports is something new for me and I’m going to chronicle my experience here in this blog.

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