picture of Mazda MX-5 Racing for Prostate Cancer 2016 – Year 2 by Robert Warren Hess Johan Schwartz raced last year on the Pirelli World Tour for prostate cancer awareness and the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project is pleased to support Johan and his team for 2016. Johan will be racing a Honda Civic on TCA class at Circuit of the Americas on March 4th. You can watch the race live at http://world-challenge.com/race/2016-03-03-cota/. Win your own race against prostate cancer by having a simple PSA blood test every year beginning at age 35 and recording and tracking the results at ProstateTracker.org. Mazda Motor Sports Steps Up to Help Stop Cancer! Surviving cancer means finding it early and doing everything within in your personal control to prevent the cancer from spreading or recurring. The key factors in beating cancer are early detection and knowledge, and that’s where our race program comes in. At right is the picture of the Mazda MX-5 that PCAP Founder Robert Warren Hess has donated for our SCCA cancer prevention racing program.  The car will receive a cancer prevention wrap and will compete on the local SCCA circuit in California, road rallies, and this summer at Solo Pro Nationals in Lincoln, Nebraska. You […] read more