300 Young People Ride 16 Miles on Cruiser Bikes
Over 300 young people and their mentors rode 16 miles on Saturday, October 19th, past famous landmarks in the Watts section of east Los Angeles, including the famous Watts towers, raising awareness for cancer.

Picture of East Side Riders in Los Angeles

The Prostate Cancer Awareness Project was pleased to be able to donate more than 50 cycling jerseys to the East Side Bicycle Rider club, founded and managed by John Jones.

The ride’s goal was to raise awareness of cancer. ¬†According to the American Cancer Society, more than one third of all cancers stem from poor nutrition and lack of exercise.

The rides promoted by the East Side Bicycle Riders helps with the exercise and integrates with the community garden program developed by Tim Watkins, leader of the Watts Labor Action Committee.

Take a moment and visit the Facebook page of the East Side Bicycle Riders and see what they are up to.

A huge thanks to our board member, Scott Peterson, EVP and Chief Credit Officer of the National Bank of California, for representing The PCAP at Saturday’s ride.

Beating Prostate Cancer
Prostate cancer strikes one in every six men, but it’s treatable if detected early.

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