How the Internet Has Changed How We Look at Cancer

Nikki Longo

Nikki Longo

by Nikki Longo

A cancer diagnosis can be scary, overwhelming, confusing and alarming. But there is power and hope in knowledge, and the Internet can be a great tool for seeking answers. With a wealth of information available 24/7, the Internet has changed how we view cancer in many ways.

Support Groups
Online support groups provide cancer patients with access to thousands of people who have endured and conquered the same disease.

Shared emotional experiences can provide a sense of normalcy amidst the overwhelming physical and emotional responses to cancer diagnosis. The encouragement and shared knowledge found in support groups is invaluable. These groups allow patients to see that even in the worst of cases, there can be hope for recovery.

Support groups can also help those who have a loved one diagnosed with cancer. They can share their feelings with others in similar situations, and they can learn how best to help their loved one deal with the emotions and side effects of the disease and its treatments.

Half the battle is being able to understand the implications of cancer and treatment options. Without access to proper knowledge, patients are left afraid and wondering what to expect.

Luckily, the Internet provides patients and their families with access to information from trustworthy institutions like the American Cancer Society and The National Institute of Health.

Through access to this information, patients are often relieved to find that their cancer diagnosis is not an immediate death sentence, and that there are many successful treatments available throughout the country.

Access to Doctors
Before the days of the Internet, doctors could be found in the phone book or by word-of-mouth recommendations. Now, patients can search through top doctors who offer conventional or experimental treatments in their field of expertise. This gives patients greater access to treatment options.

While recommendations are still valuable as testament to a doctor’s capabilities, patients are no longer limited to recommendations within their community. The Internet has given us access to a global community that has a wealth of experience to draw from.

Many things, like early detection, a healthy lifestyle, and access to treatment options, can offer cancer patients more opportunities. An Internet connection, maybe once not seen as a tool in the fight against cancer, has become an important resource that patients can use to explore those opportunities, get support and find information.

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