Early Warning Tool for Aggressive Prostate Cancer
by Robert Warren Hess

wpid-PastedGraphic1-2014-03-6-07-47.tiffIf you follow this blog and our website you know that our focus is on the early detection of prostate cancer while it is in the treatable stage. Once a prostate cancer is detected, the next critical step is determining whether or not it is the aggressive type that will metastasize.

Key Gene for Prostate Cancer Metastasis
Recent research at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute indicates that the SSeCKSIAKAP12 gene is a key inhibitor of prostate cancer metastasis. The research report notes that about one-third of prostate cancers delete this gene and move to the metastatic stage.

This still is early research, but the gene’s absence could be a good indicator that a particular prostate cancer will become aggressive.

Prostate Cancer Recurrence
Every prostate cancer survivor is concerned about cancer recurrence and most of us watch our annual PSA tests like a hawk. Testing for the presence of this gene may be another means of predicting prostate cancer recurrence.

Read the Full Article
You can find a report summary at the OncologyNurseAdvisor and the full article in the Journal of Cancer Research – Cancer Research (2014; doi:10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-13-1157).

Your Next Step
Click the following link and activate your free prostate cancer early detection system at ProstateTracker.org. ProstateTracker plots the information from your annual PSA (prostate specific antigen) blood test, shows you if there is an unusual increate from the year before, and sends you an email reminder when your next test is due.

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