One Guy’s Plan for Preventing Prostate Cancer Recurrence
by Robert Warren Hess

Robert Warren Hess PCAP Founder and President

Will My Prostate Cancer Recur?
That is the number one question we get asked here at PCAP and it also is the number one search phrase that brings people to our website, by a factor of 5! I wrote a detailed post about prostate cancer recurrence that you can read at the following link – likelihood of prostate cancer recurrence.

Exercise and Diet – The Cancer Survivor’s Tools
Research in the past several years shows a clear correlation between diet and exercise and cancer occurrence – and recurrence. As many of you know, I’m now beginning my 12th year as a prostate cancer survivor and I’m very interested in recurrence and what I personally can do to prevent it.

I created the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project and developed the early detection system to give men simple tools to detect their prostate cancer early when it is still treatable. I also got on my bicycle and began riding again to get my weight under control and add a solid element of exercise and fitness to my personal prevention program.

Over the 10 years following my treatment I rode over 24,900 miles and created the Around the World Cycling challenge to give men a fitness goal to focus on. So far, we have awarded 4 Around the World jerseys and we have hundreds of men out their working on their mileage.

A recent article in Cure Magazine highlights some of the recent research on exercise, body composition, and cancer recurrence. Exercise alone won’t allow us to lose weight because most of us replace those exercise calories and more when we’re done working out.

We know the problem then, but what’s the solution?

The Age of Wearable Data – What it Can Mean for Prostate Cancer Survivors
The clover leaf image at the right is from a company called Wthings that makes wearable technology twpid-WithingsLogo-2014-12-29-10-23.pnghat tracks activity, sleep habits, blood pressure, and nutritional composition intake.

I have been using this system for the past 12 months and it is providing me some very interesting and useful insights into my personal behavior. Wait until you see when I fell off of my wellness wagon last July and the impact it had on me!

I believe these wearable tools, combined with, can play an important role in preventing prostate cancer recurrence for the more than 2 million men in the US living with prostate cancer.

My 2015 Prostate Cancer Prevention Wellness Program
Beginning yesterday, I got back on the wellness wagon and I’m going to document my 2015 journey here in this blog. You are going to see the data about my diet, my exercise program, my body data, and and blood test metrics.

I hope you will follow along with me and add your comments and insights. My goal is to help keep as many prostate cancer survivors alive as long as possible.

Will you join with me in this journey?