New Year’s resolutions seem to come and go. We all have a list of things we want to do and another list (either longer or shorter) of the things we know we should do. The challenge is how to get them done. I’ve found that using a reminder tool with my To Do list works wonders.Twp dinosaurs looking at the Ark floating away. Don't forget to take your annual prostate cancer PSA blood test.

This blog is about preventing and surviving prostate cancer and I’m always on the lookout for tools and ideas that will help men avoid prostate cancer. In this morning’s email I received a list of health resolutions from Self-Chec that made me laugh and reflect at the same time. The message began with the cartoon on the right and continued with a 7-day list of health resolutions to implement beginning January 1, 2015 . . .

Day 1 – Testicular self-chec

Day 2 – Schedule a colonoscopy

Day 3 – Men and women each do a breast self-chef (yes, men do get breast cancer!)

Day 4 – Make and appointment for a mammogram or prostate check*

Day 5 – Do a total body self-chef of your skin

Day 6 – If you have been a smoker, ask your doctor about testing for early signs of lung cancer

Day 7 – Review your safe sex practices to protect yourself and your partner

Everyone of these checks can save your life. Prostate and breast cancers are the most common male and female cancers and together take the lives of over 70,000 American men and women each year. But it doesn’t need to be that way. We guys and gals just need to schedule those tests and then personally track the results.

 What’s the best reminder system you can have?

You’ll never find a better reminder system than the people who love and care for you. It could be your spouse, significant other, or your family. For men, it’s often that loving voice of a spouse that we call “nagging.” But, thankfully, we mostly listen.

Be part of our Couples Conquering Cancer™ program. Schedule these checks together and then enter your PSA test value into ProstateTracker. ProstateTracker has an email reminder system that will remind you both when the next annual test is due.

Don’t miss the boat like our two dinosaurs in the cartoon. Talk to your partner. Schedule those tests. Do it today!