We, at the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project (PCAP) are exercise enthusiasts. We host and sponsor several events throughout the year to encourage fitness and healthy living. Robert Hess, PCAP founder and prostate cancer survivor, has ridden the distance around the world, 24,901.6 miles, in the 10 years since his cancer treatment. Those miles have been a key element in his prostate cancer recurrence prevention program. He enjoys cycling so much that he created the Around the World Cycling Challenge.


But in the case you are not convinced about the health benefits of cycling. A recent msn.com post shares 4 reasons why you should put on your gear and get cycling! The post compares outdoor cycling to stationary cycling.

It states that you will burn more fat and gain more energy. The post also shares how cycling makes you stronger and faster. Another benefit mentioned is that outside cycling allows you to clear your mind. Check out the entire post: 4 Reasons You Should Start Cycling.

Rather you like indoor or outdoor cycling, we just encourage you to ride for better health!