Research shows that 1/3 of all cancer is related to diet and exercise habits. I’m now entering my 13th year as a prostate cancer survivor and I’m determined to make coming back as hard as possible for my prostate cancer.

One of my key tools has been exercise; mostly bicycling, walking, and workouts in the gym. I guess I love bicycling the most because it’s outside in the fresh air and sunshine (mostly!) and I travel to lots of places I might not normally go.

Two years ago I finished my first 24,901.6 miles ride around the equator and I’m now on my second lap, which I should finish in 2025 at my current pace. A professional bike racer would probably do the ride in less than 2 years!

If are interested, you can follow my journey on at this link- 58546 – which is my Strava athlete number. ¬†Better yet, create an account and join the Around the World Cycling challenge and earn the world’s coolest jersey! Click here – Ride to Stop Cancer!

Just for fun, here’s my spin bike ride from this morning . . .