Diet, Exercise, and Cancer
By Robert Warren Hess
I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in December 2002, just a few weeks before my older sister succumbed to pancreatic cancer. As you might imagine, that was a very intense period of my life.

Just like most people receiving a cancer diagnosis, I began an intense research program focused on what causes cancer, with a good dose of “why me?” thrown into the mix.

I learned two things: 1) the medical community doesn’t really know the causes of cancer and (American Cancer Society) 2) there is a great deal of anecdotal research indicating that diet – poor eating habits – and lack of exercise are correlated with higher cancer rates (Prostate Cancer Foundation).

So, being a good US Army alumnus, I looked around for things that I personally could do to reduce my risk of recurrence. I found that I personally can control just three cancer factors: 1) what I eat, 2) my exercise level, and 3) my mental outlook.


What I Did
I got back on my bicycle and in the last 10 years I have ridden over 23,000 miles. I went to a mostly vegetarian diet and dropped 20 lb., coming close to my optimal weight.

The result?
10 years later my prostate cancer has not returned. Is is because of riding my bike and eating better? I can’t say for certain, but I feel great and that vital PSA (prostate specific antigen) number remains barely detectable.

PCAP’s New ‘Circle the World’ Program
I track the miles I ride on my bike and last year I realized that I was coming close to having ridden enough miles to have circumnavigated the globe.

i talked to my board, and we created the ‘Circle the World’ cycling program to give men a long-term lifestyle improvement goal. This year, we created a special jersey for cyclists – men and women – who ride that distance. The design is done and we expect to have them available through our website store my mid-June. Visit our store for details.


As you can see, you only need to ride 24,901.6 miles and you can order one of these coveted jerseys. Watch our store for availability beginning in late-May 2013 –

1,571 as of 6/15/2013!
That’s the amount of miles I have left to ride before I can order my jersey. I should be able to hit that number by the end of July 2013. How about you?

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