How to Get a Prostate Cancer Blood Test for Just $35.00 . . .

I’ve been talking for years about how easy it is to take a PSA blood test. But, as we all know, talking about something is easier than actually doing it. So, this year I decided to document the entire process and show you can you can get that all important PSA test for just $35.00. And then get an annual reminder when the next test is due absolutely free. Could it be any better than that? [This is a long post, so be sure to read to the bottom!]

OK. Let’s go through the 7 steps …

Robert Warren Hess PSA test

Getting a PSA testt really is easy and painless.

Getting Your PSA Test and Learning Your Prostate Cancer Risk – 7 Easy Steps …

Taking a PSA test is really a piece of cake, and you don’t need a doctor to prescribe the test for you. Remember that 1 in every 6 men will have prostate cancer – more new cases of prostate cancer every year than breast cancer. Who knew?

Here are at the simple steps to take your PSA test …

          1. Decide to take the test. This is really the major hurdle for most men. Prostate cancer doesn’t give any symptoms until it’s at an advanced stage, so there’s no pain to or symptoms to jolt you into action. But your wife takes an annual mammogram and you know she should. So, join our #Couples Conquering Cancer movement and take your PSA test when your wife or significant other has her mammogram. Then take her out for date night!
          2. Create your Walk-in Lab account. Click the image at right and create your free account at Walk-in Lab. You will use your account to order your PSA test and receive the test results. It takes less then 2 minutes.

            Walk-in Lab Get started

            Step 2

          3. Choose your PSA test. Select which PSA test you want. The basic PSA test is just $35.00. You can also order a PSA test that includes a %Free PSA.* The third PSA test offered in an ultra sensitive PSA test for men who have had prostate cancer treatment. If you haven’t been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you should not select this test.
          4. Receive your LabCorp order. Once you pay for your test, Walk-in Lab will send you a lab order for the test by email. You take this with you to the LabCorp facility. No additional payment is needed. The LabCorp order will look like the image below.  Notice that the form shows that the test is prepaid. LabCorp order form for PSA test
          5. Find your LabCorp Facility. The next step is to find the LabCorp facility most convenient to you. LabCorp has over 1,500 facilities across the US and it’s almost a certainty there will be a facility near you. You check for LabCorp locations by visiting the website and entering your zip code. If you live in a remote part of the country, you might want to check for LabCorp locations before you pay for the test.
          6. Visit the facility and have your blood drawn. This is really fast and easy.  I was at my facility for a total of just 20 minutes, and that included the time to get our camera man set up and the film the process.  The blood draw is really quick and painless.  I received my lab results the next morning, just 22 hours after I took the test. It probably won’t always be that fast, but this was pretty impressive!
          7. Put your PSA value into ProstateTracker. ProstateTracker is a unique and simple tool.  It’s the only Internet prostate cancer early warning system available. You just input your PSA blood test and ProstateTracker plots it on graph. As you add each test number, you will see if your PSA number is rising from the previous year. A rising PSA value is a cause for concern and you should check with your doctor or medical care provider. Below is my personal PSA chart in ProstateTracker for the past 13 years. You can see at the far left of the diagram when my prostate cancer was diagnosed in late 2002 (PSA of 8.4). I had treatment in May 2003, and my PSA dropped to less than .002, and has remained in the range of .02 to .06 since that time. PSA record for Robert Warren HessI attribute much of that stability to the dietary and exercise changes I implemented in my life. I’ll be talking more about that in this blog and in our newsletter. You can sign up for the PCAP health tips newsletter at the following link: cancer health tips. ProstateTracker sends an automatic email reminder every 11 months when your next PSA test is due. I make it a habit to schedule that test when my wife has her mammogram. #CouplesConqueringCancer. It works. [And I never forget the date that goes with it!]

Let’s End Losing a Man Every 17 minutes to Prostate Cancer …

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