How Can You Know if You are at Risk for Prostate Cancer?

You Can Quantify Your Prostate Cancer Risk

Prostate cancer takes the life of an American man every 17 minutes. But, only 1 in 6 men will have prostate cancer and only 1 in 15 men will die of the disease. The question you need to ask is “will it be you?”

I served two tours of duty in Vietnam and I never knew if any particular day would be my day to die. The risk was there every day but there wasn’t any way to quantify that risk; to know where the enemy would be. The same holds true for our troops currently serving overseas.

Prostate cancer has killed more men than have died in all of our wars combined, more than 1.4 million men. But with the help of government statistics you can begin to quantify your prostate cancer risk and do something about it.

The map at right shows the incidence of prostate cancer in the US; light blue is low and red is high. Click on the image to visit a website that will allow you to look at prostate cancer incidence rates right down to the county level where you live.

Prostate Cancer Incidence Rates

Do You Live in a High Risk Area?

Simply click on map at right and a separate window will open. Then click on your state and on down to the county where you live. The color code tells you if your area has a low or high risk of prostate cancer.

If you live in a high risk area and you are 35 or older, you should get a baseline PSA blood test to establish your risk. You should do this in conjunction with your doctor or health care provider. If you have an annual physical exam (which we recommend), just have your doctor include the PSA blood test as part of your blood test panel.

How to Catch Prostate Cancer Early When It’s Treatable

Once you have your PSA number, activate your free ProstateTracker account and enter the PSA number. ProstateTracker will plot the data for you and send a reminder email in 11 months when it’s time for your next test. It’s that simple.

How to Save a Buddy’s Life

One in every six men will have prostate cancer. Join our #JustGet6 campaign and tell 6 of your Buds and colleagues to take the test and personally track their results at

And, support your local Movember programs!