What’s Good for the Goose, Is Good for the Gander
How many times have we all heard that from our parents and grandparents?

The image to the right shows the results of my most recent PSA test. I’m a 10-year prostate cancer survivor so I watch that number like a hawk. The image shows my PSA values beginning in 1994 – that’s the 1.0 number of the far left of the chart – to the point where I was diagnosed. It drops sharply after my surgery in May 2003 and has remained in the .03 – .08 range since then.


If the scale looks a bit funny, it’s because we programmed it with a logarithmic function to accommodate a wide range of values.

What Did We Include Cholesterol in ProstateTracker?
We did this because cholesterol value – total, high, and low – serve as pretty good (but maybe not perfect) overall markers for the body’s general health. If your HDL and LDL numbers are in the ‘good’ or ‘optimal’ ranges, you most likely are in pretty good health.

Can You See My Eating Habit Relapse?
The green line is LDL (the bad cholesterol) and the brown line is HDL (the good cholesterol). You can see that my relapse into eating cheese and other dairy over the past six months has had a direct adverse impact on my cholesterol elves.

What Does This Mean for Me, Personally?
It’s time to drop the dairy for good. I love it, but when I can visually see the impact, it’s time for a change.

My goal is to keep my prostate cancer from recurring, and the two recurrence factors that I personally control are diet and exercise.

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