Prostate Cancer Recurrence and the ‘Fitness Factor’
by Robert Warren HessPicture of PCAP Founder Robert Warren Hess

Today was my second session at the track on my way to Manchester. If you love to ride bicycles, you will love to ride the track. Our track here at the Velo Sports Center at the StubHub Center is pretty fantastic: indoors (no potholes or traffic lights); 250 meters of Siberian pine; 45 degree bankings; a pretty constant 72 degrees fahrenheit. Now, that’s pretty sweet.

I’m still working so it’s a challenge getting the miles in. So far in 2015, I’ve managed to ride just 158 miles, which isn’t nearly enough. By the way, I’ve ridden the distance around the world since my prostate cancer treatment in 2003 and I’m working on my second lap. You can join me at the Around the World Cycling Challenge.

So, what did I get done this morning …

First, the early morning LA traffic snagged me so I wast able to get on the track until 6:30 am and I had to be finished by 8:00 am., so I didn’t get my complete interval program completed.
Summary …
– 50 laps warm-up in 103 in gear – 7.5 miles
– 3 x 200 meter rolling accelerations – was able to reach 31.35 mph and 96-or 97 cadence
– 3 x 200 meter standing accelerations from a rolling start at 17 mph – was only able to reach 26.5 mph and 87 cadence out of the saddle
– finished with 2 x 200 rolling acceleration seated – only able to hit 27 and 87 or 88 cadence
– a total of 16 miles
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