Prostate Cancer Recurrence and the ‘Fitness Factor’
by Robert Warren Hess

Research over the past decade is providing good evidence that exercise plays an important role in reducing the risk of all cancers. But it is only recently that researchers have begun looking at exercise’s role in preventing the recurrence of cancer. In my case, the recurrence of my prostate cancer.

My prostate cancer was treated in 2003, and that puts me right in the zone for when prostate cancer recurs. That’s a big concern for me – as it is for many others. But, I served a career in the US Army and I learned the value of planning. So I made my own prostate cancer battle plan, which included bicycle ridingPicture of PCAP Founder Robert Warren Hess

If you’ve read this blog, you know that I have ridden the distance around the world, 24,901.6 miles, in the 10 years since my treatment. Those miles have been a key element in my prostate cancer recurrence prevention program. I enjoyed it so much that I created the Around the World Cycling Challenge.

I love track cycling and I’m headed for the Masters World Track Cycling championships in Manchester, England this coming October [October 2015] to ride for prostate cancer awareness.

Today was my first training session on that road and it was interesting indeed. If you are a user, feel free to follow my progress there by clicking one of the badges below …


Even better, get back on your bike and start logging some miles. You’ll feel better and every minute on the bike makes you healthier and makes it tougher for cancer to come back. Take your family with you on some of those rides!

Follow this blog to watch my progress.

Today results …

– 59 minutes actual riding

– 19.1 miles covered on a 103 inch gear

– the best I could reach was  cadence of 96 and 30.1 mph. We need to do much better than that!


Today’s Questions

If you are a cyclist, why do you ride? And what benefits does riding give you?