Just Like Carnegie Hall, the Way to Manchester is all About Practice!
by Robert Warren Hess

My travel schedule has dropped significantly, so I’ve been able to ride at the track twice this week and I hope to be able to keep that schedule up.

Today’s session was really fun – I rode a total of 55.2 miles in 2 hours and 39 minutes rolling.  Here are today’s stats …

50 minute training session prior to Roger’s session.  15 minute warm up, then 3 x standing RAs (rolling accelerations) with 3 min between each RA. Max speed was 28.6 mph on 170mm cranks and 90.6 gear inch, which is about 101 cadence.  At the end of Roger’s session, a total of 55.2 miles for the afternoon, I managed to reach 31.35 in the same gear sitting – which is only about 111 cadence. Great session. I actually feel pretty good. Just slow:-)

My New Manchester Bicycle

Serenity Bike Image with Jon FraleyWorlds at Manchester is Bucket List trip for me so I’m pulling out all of the stops in getting ready for this. I’m replacing my trust Fuji Track Pro that I’ve been riding for the past 11 years with a custom made Serenity track frame. Just click the image to visit the company website.

The guy in the picture is Jon Fraley, a multiple US national champion who is current competing in the UCI circuit. Jon is also a coach and is graciously creating a training plan for me because my trip to Manchester is all about prostate cancer and breast cancer awareness. You can check in with Jon’s Facebook training group @ Cerious Training Group.

QUESTION – Math Problem

To be on the podium at Manchester I need to ride 500 meters from a standing start in 40.0 seconds. The question is, how fast do I need to be going (in mph) when I cross the finish list to have covered that 500 meters in 40 seconds?