Well, I’m checked in at my hotel here in Orlando and I have gone through the three day program and read the Day One issue of the Symposium newspaper – all 28 pages. It’s going to be a great conference with many of the best and brightest minds in the cancer battle at the conference to talk about their research results and successes. The first day and a half of the three-day conference is devoted exclusively to prorate cancer. Which, as a 10-year prostate cancer survivor, I find really encouraging. There is, however, a little (more than a little) irony to be found here already. The Expert Editorial in the Day One conference Daily News is titled “The Role of Active Surveillance for Localized Prostate Cancer: Reducing Overtreatment, Improving Quality of Life.” The article’s central theme once again beats the drum of PSA screening resulting in too much unnecessary treatment. The author notes that “Such stage migration [early detection – my parenthetical insert here] has resulted in the number of diagnoses far outnumbering the number of lethal cases (i.e., over diagnosis of those cancers that would never progress or cause harm to the patient if left untreated). I guess this […] read more