Robert Hess and two of PCAP’s board members rode the Solvang Century on March 8th as part of our prostate cancer awareness outreach program. Here we are – at least two of us – sporting our PCAP King of the Mountain jerseys. It was pretty windy for the first 50 miles, but miles 51 – 103 were beautiful, with mostly a tailwind. Isn’t that the best path through life:-) We were there in the PCAP Prostate Cancer Awareness Vehicle (PCAV) giving free cycling socks to guys who could tell us their PSA. The PCAP “PCAV” – Prostate Cancer Awareness Vehicle     Hope to see you give you some socks at out next event! PS: If you are a guy 35 or older, you should be testing annually for prostate cancer (the simple PSA blood test) and using your free prostate cancer early warning system at read more