I recently received an email from a colleague asking me about the Mac Air I purchased last year. I zipped an email off to him and I thought I would share my comments with anyone that might be interested.

I had never used anything but a PC until about six years ago when my business partner convinced me to trade my Sony laptop for a MacBook Pro. I did and I must say that I’ve been very happy since then, although Macs do get that spinning wheel of death just like PCs.

But, the question on the table is about my MacAir – which I love. But first, here’s my entire package . .

I live in California but spend a fair amount of time working in Virginia where my family and grandchildren live. Since I’m a consultant, I can work from anywhere, so I would throw my 5 pound Macbook Pro into my briefcase and hit the road. But, no more!

A month ago, my old Macbook Pro hit retirement age (5.8 years) and I replaced it with with a 21.5″ iMac for work in the office.  I love it!  I use with another 21″ external monitor, so I have a dual screen setup.  It’s fantastic.

Here’s my “on the road” communications system. I connect to the Internet using my Verizon MiFi hotspot device when free wireless isn’t available. And, it will all fit in my saddlebags when I’m riding the Prostate Cancer Pony Express!

Two years ago I lost my iPad (and there’s a story!) and I replaced that with a nice little 11″ MacAir for travel and out of the office work.  I love it, too.  And I will never have anything larger for travel.

The MacAir’s small size is great, but the largest SSD available when I bought my machine was 128 GB, and I had to to replace it with an after market 250 GB solid state drive a few months ago. (Our firm has a ton of information that we store and share encrypted on Dropbox.  So, !’m careful not to pull all of the Dropbox data down on my MacAir.)

The last piece of my Apple gear (not counting my two iPhones – yes two! Ask me and I’ll tell you why) is a brand spanking new iPad mini (16 GB wireless only) and I absolutely love it, also.

I use it to clear email in the morning at home with my morning coffee and then stick it in my bag (along with my Verizon MiFi hotspot) when I’m out and around on my motorcycle.

So, that’s my Apple story that I shared with my colleague!

Want to know what Mac programs I use to keep my business running?

Stay tuned!