PCAP logo with Christmas hatWhy Christmas is Special to Me
by Robert Warren Hess

It’s Christmas Eve here in Manhattan Beach, California. Our tree is finished. The gifts are wrapped and placed under the tree. My wife will be home from work in half an hour, and in just two more hours our California family will begin spilling into the house – I’ve already Skyped (new word) with my family in Virginia who are well into their celebrations.

The Christmas season is one of the great moments of the year for me. Despite the frantic rush to find that perfect gift, it is a special time when families get together and share joy within the framework of that “Higher Power,” whatever the belief may be.

I love Thanksgiving, but Christmas holds a special place for me because so many of the very special people in my life love this holiday, and each of them lent me their strength when I needed it during my prostate cancer treatment just over 10 years ago.

Their strength and love got me through my rough time and convinced me to create the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project to help the men and families following in my footsteps.

So today I would like to extend a special holiday wish to my fellow prostate cancer survivors and to the people who are helping and supporting them in their difficult times.

May you all have a truly wonderful holiday season and enjoy the love and compassion that comes with Christmas.

Warm regards,