If You Like to Climb, You Can Win a Very Cool Cycling jersey
If you do, you can win a very cool Prostate Cancer Awareness Project (PCAP) red polka do King of the Mountain or Queen of the Mountain climbing jersey. They are very cool. And you can only get one by wining your USA cycling age group in one of our three KOM/QOM competitions.

Below is the  course up the switchbacks to the antennas at the top of San Pedro Hill (California)

San Pedro Hill KOM route

Play around with the categories and you can see the times for the men and women who have ridden it in your age category.

If you don’t use Strava, you should give the tool a try. There’s a free account as well as the paid account. We have no financial relationship with Strava, but it’s a very cool application.


How to Join in the Fun
Getting in the mix is easy. Just go to our Eventbrite site and sign up. The cost is just $25.00 and the proceeds go to prostate cancer prevention.

Ready? Just click the button  below . . .

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