How to Make a Great Lunch in Just Under Six Minutes
by Robert Warren Hess

I’m always busy and I tend to grab the first edible thing I can put my hands on. My ability to eat just about anything was honed during my Army career. We ate whatever the mess sergeant put in our mess kits because we never knew when the next meal would arrive. But, this post is about how to get create something tasty and nutritious in just five minutes. As you can see from this image from my iPhone timer I didn’t quite make 5 minutes, but it was close.


This Day was Salad Day so Here are my Ingredients . . .

  1. I always buy pre-washed salads and greens when I can get them. They cost a tad more, but the washing process is just to time consuming for me
  2. I like food with a bit of tanginess, so I like to include some kale, mustard greens, and arugula with my romaine
  3. i also love sweet peppers, so I buy bags of peppers like the ones you see here – these do take washing
  4. I use salsa for my salad dressing – it’s tangy and has virtually no fat

The Process – Easy . . .

  1. Grab the stuff from the refrigerator
  2. Grab my favorite salad bowl that I bought in Italy
  3. Wash the sweet peppers and slice them to make small circles – I eat the seeds also. This may seem a bit off, but remember my Army story:-)
  4. Layer the items in the bowl
  5. Add salsa to taste


The Result . . . 

A real “belly buster” of a lunch with less than 300 calories and done in less than 6 minutes.


Why Does this Matter?
I’m a 10-year prostate cancer survivor and my goal to is do whatever I can to prevent my prostate cancer from recurring, which generally happens – if it happens – around the year 10 mark.

Medical science still doesn’t know exactly what causes prostate cancer – by the way, there are 34 different types of prostate cancer – but research does show that a third of all cancers can be prevented through proper diet and exercise.

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