I’m a 9.6 year prostate cancer survivor – Class of 2003 – so I’m approaching that 10 year recurrence window.

As a result, I’m redoubling my efforts to make certain my diet is as close to a cancer prevention eating program as it can be. Yes. I do believe there is a cancer prevention program we can follow.

But today’s post is about green tea. You may or may not be a single malt scotch drinker, but there was a period in my life where I became quite a single malt connoisseur. That was when I was working for a French aerospace company and traveling frequently to Europe. That was a great period in my life, but let’s get back to green tea, shall we?

There are many different types of green tea and we’ll take a look at those in later posts. I’ve come to really enjoy green tea’s flavor, even though it’s good for me at the same time.

Pomegranate also is reported to be a healthy and a useful anti-prostate cancer food, so I simply heat up the water, add a splash of Pom Wonderful, drop in the tea bag, and 4 minutes later I have a great cup of tea.

It’s not exactly my morning cup of coffee – I haven’t forgone that – but it’s a great afternoon break, especially as we move into fall and my office gets cooler.

If you have a favorite green tea recipe, I’d like to hear i