On the Road to Recurrence?
I’m now mid-way through my ninth year as a prostate cancer survivor, which means that I’m approaching the 10 year point where prostate cancer tends to recur, it it’s going to.

Two weeks ago I was in Washington, DC for the final day of our 171-day Prostate Cancer Pony Express and two prostate cancer conferences, the Celebration of Science hosted by the Prostate Cancer Foundation, and the Zero prostate cancer summit.

I was struck by the dedication and hard work of the research community but there doesn’t appear to me to be any dramatic treatments on the near-term horizon. Given that 30,000 men die each year from prostate cancer, all prostate cancer survivors support continued research funding.

But, with my PSA having moved from undetectable 5 years ago to the .04 – .08 range, I’m concerned about what I personally can do prevent or delay its recurrence.

How About a Plant Based Diet?
I’ve written before about the China Study, a book by T. Colin Campbell, that very succinctly points out – along with detailed references to the relevant science, that a plant-based diet – no meat or dairy – can – read almost always – have dramatic positive impact on the body’s health.

The result is a dramatic increase in the body’s own immune system, and its ability to fight cancer cell.

Like most people, I tend to do pretty well for long periods of time and then I fall off the plant-based wagon.

Zen Habits to the Rescue
I follow a blog called “zenhabits” written by Leo Babauta. His post today was all about a plant-based diet. You can read his post by clicking the following link: EAT PLANTS!

Thanks, Leo. I’m back on the wagon. Which is not a good thing at all.

Maybe the Red Line can Help Me
Next time I’ll tell you a little secret I learned that helps me change my behavior. It’s called the “Red Line.”