Prostate Tracker

More than 32,000 men die every year from prostate cancer; many of them simply because they don’t know they have the disease in time for effective treatment. PROSTATETRACKER is a free Internet service that lets men see any change in their PSA test from one year to the next, and automatically reminds them when their next test is due.

ProstateTracker™ is a free online PSA tracking service provided by the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project.

About ProstateTracker:

It is a free service.

It will track your annual PSA results from one year to the next and give you a visual indication if there is cause for concern.

You will receive an email reminder when your next test is due.

You privacy is important to us and you will not be asked for your last name, only a working email address.

The service is now live.  Sign Up for a Free ProstateTracker™ Account.

Prostate cancer strikes one in every six men [one in every four African American men]. Don’t be caught with a surprise prostate cancer diagnosis.

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